Diamond Duo: Get to know us

Hello there! We’re Kevin and Liz. If we haven’t already met or you’re new to our page, we’d like to introduce ourselves and say hello and welcome! We are a husband and wife team that design jewelry created to add sparkle to your every day moments and special occasions. 2018 is all about us being more than just our titles here at Brilliance in Diamonds and want to give you a peek into our real, chaotic, but wonderful life.  

Some fun facts about us: We met at an ugly Christmas sweater party and LOVE froyo when we decide to take a break from our paleo lifestyle. Kevin likes dogs and Liz likes cats. We make it work. We travel often, are HUGE movie buffs, and frequently rock out to 80’s music. Boxing and running are our favorite forms of exercise. We can read each other’s minds (yes, really) and most nights you can find us cozied up on our couch re-watching episodes of Black Mirror and Broad City.   

We’ve recently moved from Uptown New Orleans to the burbs for our biggest project of the year: building our first home. It’s definitely been an adjustment moving from city life, mainly because Yogurtland is not as close anymore. We’re excited to embark on this thrilling, yet stressful journey together and are so happy to show you glimpses as we go along.